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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Things that I`ve noticed about Panama or Panamanians:

1.) They point with their lips.
At first it's an odd sensation to see someone gesture with their lips while having a full conversation with you about someone over there. You want to give them a tissue to blow their nose . And then you realize that they have kept their eyes locked on yours out of respect but have just used sign language while carrying a baby with both hands.

2.) Machettes are the shit.
I don´t know who sold the amarican public on the concept of "shears" or whatever we do our gardening with but they must`ve been a hell of a saleman. A sharp machette is much more effective. Three of my colleagues and I cleared half an acre of dense brush and small trees with trunks of 3 inch diameters with machettes in half an hour. At that rate its easy to see how you could kill 4 million people in a weekend (too soon?)

3.) Its hot. Always.
And if its not hot it just rained and will be hot again in 10 minutes.

4.) Never have a baseball game on in the background.
Its not in the background... you are.

5.) When the bus schedule says it will come at 8:00
It means some time between the hours of 7 and 9.

6.) The common name for the busses that give you access to most of the country without a car is "Diablos Rojos" - red devils...
... for a reason.

7.) Pets are a big deal. If its an animal and you havn´t eaten it yet, it qualifies for pet status. A mi casa tenemos un cerdo. Se llama "Piggi."

8.) DJ Flex`s name in Panama is "Nigga." He had to change it when he made the jump to the States. I don´t know why. They still call him nigga here.

9.) Coffee is not only the best part of waking up,
Its also the best part of mid morning, early afternoon, just before dinner, and 9:00 at night.

A mi me encanta

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