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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let´s Meet Contestant Number 1!

I just got out of a meeting that took all day in Chorrera

We were finally assigned our sites. It was kind of goofy the way they presented them, like we were each winning an award. But in the end, I think they did a great job of placing us. The picture is of the group going to the Darien.

Mine is in the Province of Herrera. The place is rediculously deforested. Looking at satelite images you can barely make out a grove of trees.

That said i´m rediculously psyched. Im gonna have to worry a bit more about bot flies and hanta virus, but I kinda feel like that comes with the job. I have heard that the area is home to the second largest carneval festival in the world (next to rio) Every year hundreds of thousands of people descend on the otherwise sparsely populated region for a week of carne vale.

no more time at the cafe. Be back soon

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